Public Policy Research and Analysis

PPI has built internal capacity overtime with a distinguished team of public policy Associates who are retained to undertake public policy research and analysis for both the PPI’s core programmes as well as on-demand from the Institute’s partners. PPI is emerging as a lead agency for political economy analysis of public policy-making and reform in Uganda. Currently, the Institute is involved in the review and analysis of budget policy, budget framework papers and selected ministerial policy statements tabled on the floor of parliament. Through these analyses, the Institute breaks down complex public policies to easy-to-understand formats and disseminates to interested stakeholders.

Training and Professional Development in Public Policy

PPI designs and delivers structured, module-based and practice-oriented public policy leadership training for civil society actors and government public policy analysts. These trainings are demand-driven and are intended to strengthen the capacity of public policy actors to understand the political economy as well as the architecture of public policy making and review in Uganda. These programmes provide knowledge and skills contextualised within the current public policy environment.