Civil Society Policy Platform

Grant Size: $36,000 USD
Duration: Annual

The National Endowment for Democracy ( annually supports the Public Policy Institute to coordinate the implementation of the Civil Society Policy Platform (CSP). Through the CSP, PPI is undertaking a comprehensive and stakeholder led political economy analysis of civil society influence of political and public policy reform.

The project has three interrelated objectives which are;

  1. to analyse the political economy of policy and political reforms in Uganda by looking at stakeholder interests, institutions, risks, opportunities and processes from a civil society perspective
  2. to institute a civil society policy platform through which a synergetic understanding and management of political economy issues relevant to the design and advocacy of policy and political reforms will be enabled
  3. to socially and politically mobilize Ugandans around home-grown values that build an accountable democratic governance system

At the end of the project, PPI expects a more synergetic civil society equipped with new knowledge and new effective strategies for promoting Uganda’s home-grown democratic values as well as policy and political reforms. Ultimately, this project will contribute to Uganda’s democratic strengthening with an enhanced and effective citizenry able to demand for accountable governance based on the country’s democratic values.