Public Policy Institute (PPI)

The Efficacy of the Affirmative Action Policy and Women’s Political Empowerment in Uganda

August 25, 2018

Uganda currently holds the 31st position on the United Nations Global Index on Women in Parliament.
This is a remarkable position has been achieved due to the deliberate policy and legislative reforms espoused by Uganda over time. Political representation of women is reinforced by the country’s commitment to international agreements, whose provisions inform national policy and legal frameworks.

The legal and policy processes by the government to promote and increase women’s political participation is termed affirmative action in politics and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government is particularly credited for concretizing women’s political participation through affirmative action. Despite the numerical increase of women in politics, the policy can no longer guarantee impact on the balance of political power and on development policy that can catalyze efforts to empower the average Ugandan woman to win political power.


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