Public Policy Institute (PPI)


The Public Policy Institute (PPI) is an independent not-for-profit public policy and organisational development thinktank based in Kampala, Uganda.

Our goal is to improve the global public policy landscape facilitated by improved government-civil relations that uphold people centered public policies for democratic governance.

The mission of PPI is to develop thought leadership that enriches the social and economic wellbeing of citizens through rational and independent public policy research and engagements.

PPI’s ideology is underpinned by a locally contextualized ‘Doing Development Differently’ (3D) agenda which applies a locally led political economy analysis for quality evidence frameworks to aid development interventions.

Institute Core Objectives

1. To undertake basic and applied public policy research and analysis on significant public issues.
2. To provide and coordinate a civil society policy platform that supports and stimulates civil society engagement in public policy processes.
3. To disseminate widely emerging public policy knowledge, statistics and trends impacting on governance and development.
4. To act as a bridge between government and the public in the understanding and deliberation of public policy issues.
5. To undertake organisational development advisory services.

The Institute Identity

We live in a fast-changing world with several innovations and disruptions to normalcy that are impacting our lives differently. Governments especially in the developing world are prioritizing revenue generation and economic transformation to meet the growing and diverse needs of citizens.

Government efforts are being complimented by development partners through resource commitments and technical support. Despite this, governments and development partners’ interventions are not generating the required pace of transformation – development programmes such as free education, skilling and venture capital are being implemented but with minor impact on employment at scale; huge infrastructure projects in the roads and energy sectors have mushroomed impacting on the overall growth figures but minimally on the lives of citizens. The slow progress comes down to the complex nature of the public policy process – According to the ‘Doing Development Differently’ manifesto – solutions to public problems are intertwined with a multitude of underlying intricacies which are usually overlooked during design and delivery. Doing Development Differently (3D) is PPI’s ideological foundation designed to inform PPI’s public policy and organisational development advisory services.